Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Smells and Shawls

One of the most wonderful things about hot summer days are hot summer smells and here in the South what would we do without gardenias. Lovely, creamy, silky gardenias.

Ok, I am a thief. The house behind me has been for sale and standing empty for months now. Actually the for sale sign has been gone for months and it's just sitting there...with a half dozen huge gardenia bushes all over the yard. And do you know what? When I cut through there walking the dog, these flowers just jumped up and followed me home!

I have them on a counter right beside my couch in the living room, so as the ceiling fan lazily stirs the air in the room you get a whiff of gardenia. It's good enough to eat.

And even though I am suppose to be packing and organizing, I have managed to finish this Charlotte's Web shawl. The colors are much, much more intense in real life. OD keeps eyeing it. In fact, she wore it on one of the last days of school when she was dressing up as a hippie.

Wish it was just a little bigger, but then I am just a little bigger than most, so that might be my problem. My clapotis is my workhorse favorite. Once we get moved, I want to get some more yarn and make another clapotis. I already have another Charlotte's Web started in more muted tones.
Off to clean up Texter's room!

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