Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OD and the Giant Peach or Let Them Eat Ice Cream

Peaches have started coming in at the Farmer's Market. Those plump, juicy, fragrant spheres of yellow delight and will continue for the next couple of months. When I move I will make 2-3 batches of peach preserves and dole them out as gifts and hoard some for myself to eat on hot buttered biscuits and buttered toast. There will probably be at least 1 batch of homemade peach ice cream made.

Saturday, I was starting work a little later than normal (I was working for someone who was leaving on a trip) so I ran to the market and picked up peaches among other things. When I got home at lunch time, while making my sandwich (with the big slices of fresh tomatoes on it) I took 6-8 of the riper peaches and peeled and sliced them and sprinkled them with a little sugar to release the juices and left them on the counter to do their thing and for later consumption.

About five that evening I wandered back into the kitchen to make my dinner....fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil drizzled with olive oil....and looked at my bowl of peaches. Now I had expected them to "settle" some, but I hadn't expected them to SETTLE about halfway down. As I am staring at the bowl of peaches, OD walks by (fixing her "fat in a box" she calls it, Mac and Cheese) and goes "good peaches" and "your dinner looks too healthy". SHE ATE MY PEACHES!

I had bought her plums and 2 pints of blueberries and she eats MY peaches! After dinner, we "shared" the remainder of the peaches.

Sunday, I repeated the procedure. That evening, after dinner, I am sitting on the couch and she walks by, heading into the kitchen. I hear the freezer door open and then I hear her go "ice cream or peaches, ice cream or peaches".

Being the caring mother that I am, concerned with the health and well-being of my children above all else, I yelled out----"EAT ICE CREAM!"

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