Monday, June 02, 2008

New Home Promises and More Roses

This is one of my mom's rose beds. I love more of the "English garden" look myself, but in East Texas summers that "English garden" look is a little hard to achieve.

I know people are going to get tired of hearing me go on and on about my new apartment, but I have been going through a lot of changes, mainly internal, so this external change really comes at the right time.

OD and I have been talking and we are both going for the "unclutter", or as she wants, more of an "Asian" feel to the apartment. I want to be able to keep the kitchen table from becoming the drop zone for stuff, which ours tends to do now, located where it is. Part of my clutter problem is in an old closets! So there is nowhere to put backpacks and purses when you walk in the door. With the apartment I will have a front closet in the entryway where we can put coats, jackets, backpacks and purses.

Also, I want my bedroom to be uncluttered. I am cleaning out/up my stash of "stuff". I will have a large walkin closet and I have few clothes, so part of my closet will be where I can organize and have art/sewing/knitting "stuff" and have it out of view. I am going to invest in some stacking bins when we move so I can label, sort and keep stuff up.

Then I am going from a large kitchen table for a desk to a small kitchen table and will only keep pens/pencils out on it. My filing cabinets I want to make covers for so they look nice, but can lift a "flap" and access the drawers. I have 2 - 2 drawer ones which I am keeping and they will go into my room. I have a 4 drawer one, which I am debating about, and when I am in my apartment will go into the utility room or my closet for storage of documents, sewing patterns and such.

More new home stuff coming.....aren't you lucky!

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