Friday, July 31, 2009

And for Reading on This Side of the Pond

Been a few hectic (and nerve racking) days around here.  Just normal “stuff” which as escalated a bit, but enough to make life a little bit more than you want to go through.  Especially all at one time.  But boring to the rest of the world…..

So anyway…..

My name came up on the queue for the library to let me check out Finger Lickin’ Fifteen by Janet Evanovich.


If you have never read the series, shame on you!  You have missed some great reads.  But here I am, feeling a little lot down in the dumps and I pick the book up from the library (I’ll eventually have my own copy, I reread her books.) and start in reading immediately.  Three hours later I finish and my sides hurt from laughing.  Almost fell off the bed laughing at times.  Who wouldn’t laugh about trying to catch the bail-skipping flasher at the funeral home, tazer incident?  And that’s just one of the many laughs throughout the book.

Feeling much better now for all the laughs, I can’t recommend this book too much.  Or the whole series in general.  So if you haven’t ever read the books, go out and meet Stephanie, Lula, Grandma, Joe and Ranger (boy, would I like to meet the last two) and you’ll be laughing too.  Knew someone who was reading one of her books in the emergency room while awaiting treatment and the nurses took the book away from her because she would start laughing and it would make her hurt more.  They are that good.


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  1. I have finished two really great books and they are by an author whom I have never heard of. The names of the books are The No.1 Ladies detective agency and Tears of the Giraffe. They are by Alexander McCall Smith you might like them . Of course this summer I have been plunking down some books and reading away . Btwn writing letters and reading I have kept myself pretty much busy .


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