Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Renaissance Women

During my one day off for the next few days (Friday, July 10) I watched the Tour de France, engaged in some ‘arty’ stuff, managed a few loads of laundry, a trip to the library and store, and some writing.

In the middle of all of this activity, which was actually very calming for me (lots going on in life), an epiphany came to me.  People talk about some men in the past and in the present, calling the Renaissance Men, meaning they are interested in all areas of life…arts, science, creating, inventing.  And marvel at their accomplishments.

It struck me as you never hear of Renaissance women and it came to be really quickly as I am reading through some of blogs I follow…..we are all Renaissance women!

clipart woman

There are a couple of men whose blogs I follow, but 95% have to be women.  And the amazing thing is we ‘do it all’.  Most of us run households, take care of selves, partners or spouses, some with children, work – both in and out of the home, garden, read, create art, experiment with new ideas, cook, teach, write, support others in the web-world in a selfless manner….just to mention a few of the things we manage to do, usually all of it on a daily basis.

And we have done this throughout history.  So before there were Renaissance Men there where Renaissance Mothers and Women.  Today I am a Renaissance Woman and I salute my fellow Renaissance Women out there.

Now where did I leave my corset?

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