Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marching Band Starts Soon

I quickly learned from the first year of marching band, if you get your volunteering in sewing, then you can say you’ve done your bit and not have to actually be out at every game, competition, etc. helping, you can sit back and enjoy.  I’m all for sitting back and enjoying.


So what is this tangly mess of whatever?  These are hatbands.  To go inside the hats so they don’t move around while they march.  My directions were….

1.  Take the 57 inch wide thin foam and cut it into 3 7/8 (why not 4 inches?) strips.

2.  Take the velcro and sew it along one of the more ‘foamy’ sides.

3.  Take the velcroed strip and cut it into 5 1/2 inch pieces. 

Each strip makes 10 ‘bands’.  And the band goes through about 300 a year.  So yesterday I got cranking and me and my poor old Singer (who gets so befuddled at some of the things I try and make it do) sewed 22 strips.


Texter, the marching band member, actually ‘VOLUNTEERED’ to help.  Did I mention I had to cut the velcro in half also?  She marked the velcro down the middle so I could at least pretend I was cutting it in half.  Then, after I marked where the strips were to be cut, she cut them in half for me.  She also fetched and carried tea and moved the finished, pre-cut strips out of my way.

Today, more of the same.  I want to get them all out of the way.  Because I know there is more sewing coming.

Luckily, I am no where near being in charge of this whole ‘sewing for the band’ thing.  I just take orders well.  The woman who is in charge is a fantastic seamstress…..she does wedding dresses, etc on the side in addition to being a full-time working outside the home mom of 2 kids.   And has a sewing room I would kill someone for.   Her hubby is a prop designer/builder for the band too.  Too many brains in that family.

Need coffee now…….

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