Saturday, July 18, 2009

Betty Crocker Lives!

A friend from work, who is a wonderful seamstress, was ‘tinkering’ around with a pattern of her own design, and made this dress, sending it home with me for Savvy to wear.


When I pulled it out, she just slipped in on over her jeans and swimsuit top (we will not mention how pale she is and how, yet again, she got sunburned at the beach).

The dress has ‘wings’  for sleeves and she was loving it.  Made her feel all 50’s.  As it was she was fixing dinner and the dress looked like one of those old-fashioned aprons.


Being camera shy (lol), she posed a’la 40’s and 50’s domestic diva style.  She really just needed heels and no jeans legs showing to really complete the picture.


This is her ‘oh, my, a washing machine which really washes my clothes for me!’ look.

Fun was had with the dress and my friend got a kick out of the pictures and how much we were enjoying it.

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  1. Love the dress! Love the look! Love the great photos!


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