Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I Discovered in the Bathtub

Scared now?  Too much information already?  It did scare the girls a little because you really shouldn’t heard laughter coming from the bathroom where you know your mother is suppose to be taking a bath.

Went to shave my legs the other day and was ‘lathering’ up and had to start feeling my leg up and down.  Something wasn’t right!  My calf was…….tight!  There was a muscle there!  There was some definition other than cellulite there.  You mean those hills on the bike did this?


Scared the girls even more when I hop out, wrapped in a towel and run in and tell them….”Feel my leg!”  Luckily they have learned to humor me at times.

Now if I could pedal with my butt or stomach?

On the other hand, or rather both hands, I noticed something.  I looked down and I have two-toned hands.  My fingers are light and the backs of my hands are much darker.  First thought, weird disease.  Second thought….when you ride you bike what happens with your hands? 


Yep….my fingers, curled around the handlebars are not near as tanned as the top of my hands.  But it looks a little odd.

So I have ridden in the rain, replaced a pedal and tire on the bike, put the chain back on the bike when it fell off, and now my legs, which are not like Lance’s (he shaves his legs too), are getting there too and I have a biker’s tan on my hands.

This biking stuff is fun……

By the way, at almost 800 miles in less than 2 years of walking and cycling.  I’ll hit my 1000 miles by November easily.

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