Thursday, July 09, 2009

Balcony Updated

About two months ago, my balcony looked like this….


And now, less than two months later, my balcony looks like this….


The two cherry tomatoes are over six feet tall.  I have had to make some tie-ups strung up to the roof to tie them off.  Once them start coming in they will overwhelm me.

My two dwarf tomatoes I’m not too impressed with.  They really haven’t done much so far.  They are about 3 feet tall and a couple of small bunches of blooms, but no fruit being set.

Basil has made it threw a couple of major pruning's.   The other night a bunch went into the chicken I was roasting along with some rosemary.  Lemon balm has come through fine and dandy also.

The morning glories are looking “gloriful” .  It’s neat to walk to the balcony in the morming and there are all the purple flowers. 


My moonflowers haven’t bloomed yet.  Or maybe I can’t stay up late enough to see them?

Two of my orchids are getting ready to rebloom.  Bought another ‘already bloomed’ and it’s putting out another pup.  Did find the discount shelf at a local gardening shop when they put all their bloomed orchids at a great discount.  Hmmmm…..sent the girls there for my birthday?

The balcony is looking so good.  Noel likes to come out here in the morning and lay on the quilts on the glider for a nap in the sun before it gets too hot.



Unfortunately, with my schedule most of my sitting is done just for a few minutes at night.  i do have to check it out every day though.  With the heat, I have to water just about every day.  But the outcome – tomatoes!

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