Monday, December 28, 2009

Day One of Vacation

Today’s theme was to get a couple of things done so I have no real responsibilities for the rest of my vacation.

The first one is to get “information” into the health care spending card people for a couple of charges back in APRIL!!!! So it’s a trip to the office to fax information into them.  I need to the ‘unfreeze’ my flexible spending card at the first of the year.  But why did they wait until now?  For April charges?

lichen mandala

This is how it makes me feel.  A mandala made out of a picture of lichen I took.

Then, call the dentist to see if I can get Texter in for a cleaning and a couple of small cavities before February.  Then, I want to see about getting in to see an acupuncturist while on vacation.  I have always wanted to have acupuncture and this would be an excellent time to have it done.

Take some books back to the library.  Need to get my list of books I want to read all together.  Also need to update Goodreads with recent books.  I think I have missed a lot of my reading.

And I want to do some fine tuning on my blog.  Update the listing of other blogs I read.  I had so many I was going through I have been going through and ‘sigh’ being brutal and cutting out a lot of them.  They are all great, but there is only a certain amount of time I have to keep up with them, so some have to go.

Oohhhh…..there goes the dinger on the oven.  My biscuits are done for breakfast.


  1. The mandala is stunning!

    Can you tell us more about how you created it? It looks etched maybe?

  2. im with denise that mandala is awesome.


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