Sunday, December 27, 2009


Over the years I have ‘experimented’ with photography.  I love going on a walk with the camera, although most of the time I forget to take it with me.  Love the advent of digital cameras and you can take 100’s of pictures and not cost you a dime (except replacing those darn batteries….use rechargeable ones).

Here is an update of some recent (past 3-4 months) pictures I’ve taken.


This is from the pathway at the park behind my apartment.  A little low-level fog that morning as I walked with Sarge around the lake.  A great skill to know….how to take pictures with one hand while hanging onto the dog leash with the other.  But he’s slowly learning to stand still for a minute or two while we walk.


I love reflections in water.





This guy was sitting on some contraption the parks department has in the water.  Don’t know what kind of bird he is or what the contraption is used for…other than a bird perch.


I love the jeweled look of spider webs in the morning.

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  1. great work and great photos . I love reflections on the water too .thanks for posting and sharing your lovely photos .


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