Sunday, December 20, 2009

These Shoes Are Made For Walking….

and walkin’s what I’ll do….

because I haven’t worn heels in ages

and I’ll walk real funny….

Ok, so it will never replace the original song.  But I did go out in public in a pair of heels last night.  I have been such a stick-in-the-mud, non-socializer person, I haven’t really had a need for something other than sneakers.  Right now I actually have two pairs of black sneakers and a pair of hiking boots I’m wearing to work and grocery store and anywhere else I wander. That’s it. In fact, I can’t really remember the last time I wore heels, except for a couple of times a year I do dress up and pull out the little 1 inch pumps to wear (we won’t talk about the age of those shoes).  Still the times are few and far between.


one of the girls (ladies) at work bought this pair of shoes and although she liked them, they were just too high for her and just didn’t “work” for her.  She had gotten them on sale at the local department store and was going to return them unless someone else wanted them.  Thank goodness for people with long feet!

I liked the shoes the minute she pulled them out and could see Texter, and especially Savvy, wearing them.  I also suddenly had this yearning to have something other than sneakers to wear with my jeans.  Jazz it up a little (and goddess knows my life could use some jazzing up!)


I brought them home and it was like raw meat thrown in with starving dogs.  The next thing I know there is almost a wearing schedule being drawn up.  But I was first!

Savvy found out about a meet-up with some of her friends Saturday night at a local coffee shop to hear a local group sing.  She had a ride back, but wanted to know if I would drop her off.  As punishment payment for the ride, I was going to come in and listen too.  Didn’t think listening to Christmas Music and drinking coffee was a bad thing to do on a Saturday night.  And Savvy didn’t mind mom coming along.  I can sit nicely in the corner.

I put on my new sweater she had given me.  Put on earrings (gasp, shock).  A little lipstick (the horror!).  And the new shoes!  (See I do remember how to get dressed up to socialize, it’s just I don’t haven’t been.)

New shoes were great.  Felt a little strange, but ok.  Opened the front door and realized I had 2 flights of stairs in these 3 inch heels.  Savvy did good, she didn’t snicker too much as I walked down the stairs one at a time.  After all, you have to think about broken hips at my age!  Texter wasn’t quite as kind.  She just walked on out to the car.

The fun part is learning how to walk all over again.  In sneakers, I can just ga-lump along any old way.  Big, fast strides.  Get to where I need to go.  No effort wasted.  Charge!  These shoes require much shorter strides.  Much, much shorter strides.  You can’t just ga-lump along.

Amazingly, found myself having to stand straighter and taller (with these heels I am now over 6 foot, so don’t know how much taller I want to be).  And I felt good. 

Got to the coffee shop in one piece, even with having to walk up a brick walkway and an inclined concrete slope.  Sat down.  Savvy shared her cheesecake as a thank you for driving her to see her friends (she’s a good kid).  Listened to the group for about an hour and had a great time.  Then I left Savvy and her friends to it.  (Actually them don’t mind if I tag along.)

So let’s see… shoes with heels….out in public when it is not just grocery shopping or a ‘necessity’….oh, my could this be the start of a trend?

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  1. Oh yes maybe . Merry christmas to you and your household from ours .


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