Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two Weeks Until Vacation!!!!!!

…..and 2 days until all my finals are over for this semester.  English, I will take online on Sunday afternoon.  The last portion of my math test will be an Excel exam…of which I will go in, put my name on my paper and leave.  That’s about all I know on Excel!  Excel for Dummies never had any of the stuff we were learning in it. 

But then, on the 6th of January, new classes start and I’m already looking forward to them.


This is what weather is looking like around here these days.  Fall, definitely going into winter.  Highs this weekend are not suppose to be above 50 and the grass is ‘crunchy’ at 5am when the dog(s) is/are walked.  Yep, Savvy is here this weekend and then after Wednesday and all her finals are over, she and Noel will be back for the holidays.  I am just the home base as all her friends will be back in town from all the various college locales.  And they have plans.  My plans for the holidays…..

1.  start on new Ren Faire garb for Savvy

2. work on some of my writing

3.  move slowly from my room to the living room and back again.

4. get facials with the girls

5. do a little of this and a little of that

6. do a couple of day trips I would like to do (both involve a couple of new fabric stores)

7. get the new Wii Active and work out some

Ok, it’s time to go wash the dog hair out of the bathtub so I can take a bath.


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  1. LOL !!! Go wash the dog hair out of the bathtub so you can take a bath so know the feeling !! I have not been out of bed for a wk and today is the first day I have felt human again . I had been down with the flu.


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