Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day Three - I’m In Love……

I am so behind the times and probably everyone knows about this already.  But I have fallen in love with Pandora.  It’s a website where you can put in the ‘type’ of music you want to listen to or an artist you want to hear similar music of and Pandora pulls it all together on your computer and plays it for you.

This works really well for my study sessions.  Since I spread out on my bed, I can turn on Pandora and have ‘spa’ music or nature sounds or Celtic playing in the background while I study.


Like true love, it is fleeting.  I can listen, but I can’t keep it (download it to my IPod).   But it makes for a great study-buddy.

And Texter proved she can be a good daughter.  She had an ipod alarm clock with speakers she wasn’t using, even with her new ipod.  Personally, I thought it wasn’t working because I thought Sarge had chewed through the cord, but she found a replacement for it (see keeping all those cords and wires does come in handy sometimes).  So she brought it into me to use.  I enjoy listening to podcasts more than music and am currently hooked on catching up with all the podcasts for “Hip Tranquil Chick”.  I can put on the podcast and fold clothes, clean, etc and listen in.  I know I could listen on the computer, but I don’t like how it seems to slow things down at time.

Today is also my first appointment to check out acupuncture.  We’ll see how that goes.  If I can get some softening of the shoulders it would be wonderful.  Of if my stomach could be as tight as my shoulders it would be ok.

Then it’s off to pick up Savvy and Noel, stop off at the college bookstore to pick up her books and then back home.  Full day all around.


  1. wow you already have your whole day planned out that is great and I guess the girls really help plan your day too huh ? Oh well have a great one whatever you do . LOL !!

  2. We just discovered Pandora about a month ago. It's addictive and what a great alternative to radio.

    Hip Tranquil Chick! I haven't listened to her in ages. Might have to resub to her podcast. THe girl has a serious tea addiction - I like that!
    Enjoy your full day.


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