Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day Two of Vacation

It’s 430am on my vacation.  What’s wrong with this picture?  I am up and about.  Coffee is on.  Dog has been walked……

Wait!  That’s it.  It’s the damn dog!  If I didn’t feel guilty about him doing having gone outside in several hours, I could possibly have slept a little longer.


But, nnnooooooooo. I have to feel sorry for him.  The mad dash down two flights of stairs is an indication he does need to go. And bad. 

Or is it the fact my body is a creature of habit and is use to getting up at o-dark-hundred?  And by the time I retrain myself it will be time to go back to the early rising to get ready to go to school.

I’m on vacation though.  The coffee can wait.  I’m going back to bed!  Move over Sarge.

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  1. Oh someone else who gets up at the crack of darkness . Yes on vacation always sleep in . Oh yeah dogs have to go bad when they drag you down the stairs . Too funny move over sarge LOL !!!


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