Friday, June 27, 2014

Morrell Falls and Gus Digital Play

One of the pictures I took of the snow-capped mountains is now the wallpaper on my computer.  But I stayed inside a bit and 'played' with some of the pictures I took last weekend.

I had taken pictures of "Gus", the larch tree, in hopes of doing a vertical panorama which worked out pretty good.

I think it 'stitched' together pretty darn good.  And yes, the sky really was that blue - no enhancement with the colors that day.

So then I took Gus and turned him into a drawing.  (I am sure Savvy will have some comment about phallic drawings on my part.)

This is the picture now on my computer.  I took it and made a drawing out of it, layering and masking the original and using filters on it.

This is our great hike leader.  He didn't see a bear, I think it was the idea of Starbucks cups littering his car.

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