Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wildwomen Wildflower Hike

It was a cold and rainy morning....

Sounds like the start to a Gothic novel, but that was how my morning started today.  It was about 50 degrees, the wind was blowing almost that strong it felt like, and for once, it was a grey and drizzly day in Helena.  A really rare day, in fact.  Normally, the rain comes through like a freight train going downhill.  Today it was lingering, like it wanted to enjoy the hike too.

I had signed up with this hike sponsored by Montana Wilderness Association based on a recommendation from one of my co-workers.  Boy, am I glad I did.  Martha and Mary led the group and now I have a ton of information to absorb and a better idea of identifying all the wonderful wild flowers we saw.

We started out at Flesher Pass Trailhead, which I understand is also where they snowshoe in the winter and I will be trying it out this coming winter.

There were some wildflowers I was familiar with, like bear grass, asters, lupines, and wild strawberries, I was introduced some some new friends....

pussy toes, rose everlasting, alumroot, biscuit root, death camas, glacier lily and many, many more...

so here are some of the flowers and the views from this morning ( was more than a bit chilly)


bear grass

glacier lily

wild strawberry

little round, green balls - Ballhead Waterleaf

waterleaf in bloom


mossy trees

tiny flowers



chocolate lily - pretty rare!

death camas

chocolate lily


where we would have eaten lunch if not cold and rainy, but had a homemade chocolate truffle instead

stopping by Canyon Creek Store on the way home and their flowers
Boy, it was a short and sweet hike, but filled with wonderful, wonderful wildflowers everywhere.  I can't wait to go back and take the girls for them to see it. 

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