Wednesday, October 19, 2016

17 Before 2017

My family and friends will tell you (or at least nod their heads in agreement), I have hit the 'planning' button recently and am dragging everyone down up with me.  One of the things I have done (and only posting about it now) is "17 Before 2017".

I came across this idea from reading Kara of BohoBerry fame post.  She pointed me in the direction of Lisa of Marketing Creativity where she had gotten her inspiration from.  So...

Double rainbow on a Monday!

I created MY list.  In fact, being the OCD person I am in some areas, I have an 18 before 2018 list created too.  But that's another story.

My "17 Before 2017" are as follows:

  1. Order my Hobonichi for 2017 - yes, I know it's pricey, but not so much more than buying a planner in the States.  In fact, most of what I looked at would have been about this price.  And if I stayed with the traditional bullet journal, I would have paid about that much for the 3 books I would have needed to cover me for a year. 
  2. Attend Silent Writing Meetups - I need my writing mojo inspiration.
  3. Plan possible classes/workshops to offer via the library
  4. Sew one piece of clothing monthly
  5. Clean out my closet and the front closet and arrange my sewing better (this is the subject of another post at a future date already)
  6. Purchase 1 new towel and plant monthly and 1 new set of sheets quarterly
  7. Journal and/or write to prompt daily
  8. Do the Hal Elrod Level 10 Life sheets and add to my planner
  9. Start a "Masterminds Group" for goal accountability (and to socialize with 3 great women)
  10. Figure out my major goals for 2018
  11. Lose 10 pounds
  12. Hit 3 months of meeting my goal walking (already tell you I'm behind!)
  13. Have $20 in my 'bag' for monitoring my spending inspiration (up to $5 so far)
  14. Have a successful NaNoWriMo in 2017
  15. Catch up on the RSC16 Challenge
  16. Finish Sophie's Choice afghan (this was before the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle afghan reared it's green head)
  17. Finish the Knit & Swirl Sweater (see the excuse in #16)

Some of these are already in full swing.  Some are already over and done.  Some have given way to other things.  But it was a really fun thing to do.

What are your "17 Before 2017"?


  1. wow what a major list jeezus ....I would go out of my mind seeing that all written down . Yep busy busy . awesome post .


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