Sunday, October 09, 2016

Week in Review - October 2 - 8

It's been a busy week, especially as fall/winter has certainly hit Montana.  It's been cool and rainy for most of the week.

And we got some answers to some problems with Lady K.  Actually, she apparently has some 'sensory' difficulties - such as being overwhelmed at times and not dealing well with it.  So some coping skills are on the books for all of us to learn.  And my Tuesdays will now be spent taking her to the occupational therapist for training.  Unfortunately, that's the opening they have and it's on Texter's FULL school day.  So - tag, I'm it!  

But there has also been some 'fun' stuff going on this past week - 

The biggest being First Friday at Painted Pot with three of my friends (who I also work with).

Some serious creating went on...

Along with some serious eating...

And some solving of world problems.  The wine helped.

I made a 'wild' mug to drink coffee from in the mornings.  On the bottom is a reminder to 'create'.  I can't wait until later this coming week when I can pick it up.

Also this week, the following was accomplished -

  • One book finished
  • 64% of steps accomplished
  • Three posts written
  • Added turmeric to my vitamin regimen to help with inflamation
  • Ordered my Hobonichi (can't wait!)
  • Cleaned out and organized my closet a bit.  Got the sheets and pillowcases into some drawers which were once used by Lady K
  • Moved from a Fitbit Flex to the Blaze and loving it.  Records more 'stuff'.
  • Upgraded my Iphone to a 7 - for the camera which is suppose to do more in low light
  • Got the items for my Halloween Swap 
  • Got fabric for Bee Hive block this month and the border for a lap quilt
  • Started NaNoWriMo prep
  • Laid out my November planner spread in the remainder of an old planner and started a NaNo journal/tracker with it
  • Received a HUGE box of scrapbooking goodies from someone who had extras from Cocoa Daisy (more about this later)

This week promises to be full -

  • A goal planning session Monday at Starbucks with a friend - making plans for the rest of 2016 and into 2017
  • Catching up on my 30 day Journal Challenge journaling
  • Get my mug back from Painted Pot
  • NaNoWriMo prep work
  • "Potions" Day next Sunday with Savvy and friends (which means some housecleaning)
  • Possibility of our first snowfall on my yard this year
  • Write and mail a couple of letters which are overdue
  • Mail out my Halloween Swap box 

Most of the coming week will be spent on planning and plotting, prepping and calculating.  I want to set up my 2017 projects and make a workable plan, as well as completing some items in 2016.  But for now - more coffee!

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  1. Oh boy are you a busy lady and I think I have accomplished a lot when I finish two books in two weeks whoa ....awesome .


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