Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Swapoween Reveal!

Much to my surprise (since I wait until the last minute), I actually received my Swapoween package last week.

And not to my surprise, Texter and Lady K were front and center for the unboxing!

Kristen sent me a wonderful box of goodies!

Already the stickers have been put to use.  The black/white/orange pom-pom garland is hanging in the doorway behind my desk.  The inflatable pumpkins have been inflated (again and again).  And I had to find a tea light to put in the pumpkin candle holder so Lady K could see it.  Plus she's eating my candy!

This necklace was also included and the first item to 'disappear'.  I do know where it is, I just know the odds of me actually wearing it is slim.  Texter is the biggest Supernatural fan in the house.  And I imagine Kristen could have felt the vibrations from the squeal of delight all the way to her home.

I have been designated as Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween - because I have purple hair. Actually, what I plan to do for Halloween is to turn off the lights and pretend I'm not at home while Texter, Lady K and Savvy are off trick-or-treating.

Once again another great swap!

Upcoming swaps?  Not that these swaps aren't great, but I have some really intense goals for next year and don't know if they really fit in with my overall plans.  We will see how tempted I become.


  1. What a great box of items. You really scored big time adn lvoe the necklace.

  2. So glad you and the girls enjoyed these gifts! I had a lot of fun shopping for you and was glad to share the fun with your family a little as well! Hope Texter will let you borrow the necklace often! lol!

  3. How fun! That's a cool necklace. I just posted my swap reveal - Halloween is always fun to do swaps.



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