Saturday, October 01, 2016

September Finishes and October Starts

Part of my 'revamping' and 'redoing' and 'planning and clearing' involved getting a little two shelf bookcase to put all my desk stuff on and then move the one shelf bookcase behind my bedroom door to house books.  And provide a perch for "Bitch Cat" to sit on in order to try and ambush Sherlock.  The shelf unit will hold library books and books purchased which need reading (and are overflowing from my other bookshelves!)

This will clear off my little drop leaf desk in my bedroom which is for storage mainly and will now house my rabbit sculpture on top.  It will also clear off my bedside table except for what I am currently reading.  My dresser drawer unit is currently being overrun with 'changy lights' diffuser and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My aim is a little less clutter and a little more relaxation.

But as far as my actual September goals were concerned...

  • Catch up on RSC16 from May to September - failed
  • Hit walking goal consistently - only about 50% of my goal daily
  • Teach my planner classes SUCCESS
  • Start on ideas for 2017 classes YEP!
  • Attend Silent Writing meetings - nope
  • Finish Dragon Hat - failed...hate picking up stitches
  • Finish up to Welt 35 on Knit and Swirl - nope, didn't touch it
  • Buy the World of Warcraft expansion YES! And currently at 108 out of the new 110 level cap (sad, I know)
  • Consistently drink water - fail
  • Finish one piece of clothing - fail
  • Set up 2017 goals for writing and creativity marking this as a YES
  • One book off my book shelf weekly - nope
  • Get back on track with Postcrossing - nope
  • Back to more meal planning - not really
  • Do the 30-day Journal Project marking this as a YES
  • Get tie-downs and life jack for kayak and go kayaking - major fail
  • Catch up on the Modern Half Square Sampler - NOPE
Because of researching and teaching a couple of planner classes, I have definitely started thinking about 2017 and what I want to do.  And what I want to finish up before the end of 2016.  Of course, turning 59 in September has nothing to do with the introspection!

Actually, what has happened is I have a large crochet project due by Christmas.  And I am overrun with clutter in the house and in my brain.

Therefore, all sewing/knitting/crochet plans for October are down to:

  • Bee Hive Sampler block swap (only 3 more months)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle afghan
  • Knit and Swirl sweater work
  • Color Point scarf to finish 

Health wise, my goals for October are:

  • Drink more water
  • Walk more steps
  • Better eating through meal planning

My writing/reading goals are:

  • Attend Silent Writing meeting
  • Prep for NaNoWriMo
  • Read one book off my shelf
  • Start on the It's Not Too Late To Begin by Julia Cameron 12 week program
  • Finish up on the 30 Day Journal Challenge journaling

Personally, my October plans are:

  • Have a goal setting meet-up with friends for planning out 2017 and the rest of 2016
  • Write up proposals for 2017 programs for the library
  • Halloween swap
  • Write my two letters and get them in the mail (finally)
  • Start up Postcrossing
  • Order my Hobonichi
  • Evening out with friends for First Friday

In the house:

  • Declutter and some rearranging (like sewing stuff back downstairs unless actually using it)
  • Purchasing one plant, one towel and one set of sheets

So the month is set and is full and I am looking forward to it!

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  1. wow planning out your whole month that is awesome and good for you . I wish I was half as organized . Have a great weekend


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