Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week in Review - October 23 - 29

It's been "one of those weeks" around here.  Everyone came down with a 'viral infection' this past weekend and the week was spent recuperating.  I still have a pile of kleenex by my bed to pick up.

While I haven't done quite the prep I wanted to do on a personal level for NaNoWriMo starting Tuesday, I have managed to get some goodie bags put together for those who come to our meet-ups.  

I also managed to kick the one book I finished this week into the bathtub one night.  So my copy of Crimson Death by Laurell K. Hamilton went from 700 pages to looking like it's a 1400 page book.  But it is still readable, just a bit sad looking.  Sexy shape shifters, vampires and Irish fey helped nurse me through feeling like old bread crumbs.

Otherwise, between nursing a sore throat and blowing my nose, I did manage to:

  • Walked 32,991 steps or 47% of goal
  • Write two posts
  • Have a body scan for 'spots' (those years of sunburn are catching up with me - but got an all-clear this time)
  • Did some plotting and planning for NaNo and 2017 projects
  • Talked to someone about a potential BIG project which I'm looking into for 2018...need some more thinking about it

So for today and the rest of the coming week - 

  • Three NaNoWriMo write-ins
  • Bee Hive blocks out for October and November
  • Two book reviews due
  • Calligraphy class next Saturday - all day!  with a friend!
  • Staff meeting at the Parrot
  • LOTS of Halloween Trick or Treating Monday! (should boost my step count for the week)
  • Reviewing October goals (poor) and setting November goals (NaNoWriMo #1!)
  • Coffee Klatch at the library lead by a friend on (luckily, it's a short meeting, so won't take up much of my NaNo writing time)

But for now it's more coffee, typing up a final handout for NaNoWriMo prep today and getting the two book reviews done.  Definitely more coffee needed!

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  1. Feel better quickly! As a,ways get way more accomplished than I do!❤️


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