Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bagging It, Or At Least I'll Look Good

This was the state of my 'current' rotation of knitting projects. The pink box holds my needles and hooks and the polyfil is for a project not knitted yet. But it is a collection of paper bags and plastic sacks culled from purchases at yarn stores and the like.

And if you have ever carried around a paper sack, or even a plastic bag, you know after a while...

well, it looks tacky, torn and just sad.

They looked cute. I could use fat quarters I had purchased for some project yet to be named. And I bought the pattern.

A bit of procrastination in the middle of the endeavor and here they are!

I made two sizes. The Project Bag, which is a bit bigger than the Everything Bag. With the sheep fabric I bought, it was a no brainer to make these 'knitting' bags.

By the way, I was informed by Lady K she liked sheep. Let's see how long all six will be in my possession. 

And they have this cute gusset on the bottom so they will sit up all nice and straight. A clever touch to take it up a notch.

The smaller bag is going to be perfect for carrying around sock knitting. The larger bag will hold a shawl or bigger project.

So while my knitting bin is still full of 'stuff', it at least looks nicer.

For now, my Mystery Wrap is in my Moda bag and a pair of Vanilla socks is in my sheep bag. Carrying the sheep bag with my sock knitting to practice and games will look so much better, not to mention being stronger than the paper bag I had it in. Ditto for the other bag.

I have several more fat quarters I plan on turning into bags in the future. This pattern lends itself to assembly sewing. And I may look for some ribbon to use for the ties rather than making my own.

Now that this project is out of the way, I have started on my Disney Villains quilt. All the evil queens in purple, just right for Savvy. And I am throwing in some black cats, her favorite.

The top is all cut out and ready to assemble into blocks. This was done while rearranging Texter's room to put in the window air conditioner since it was suppose to be in the 90's yesterday. And her room has no circulation and gets hot on the coolest of days.

The only problem with this quilt will be when it's finished and Lady K takes a gander at it. As the heir apparent she might try and lay claim to it early. But Queen Savvy will take issue and render a royal decree to keep her hands off of it!

One set of 8 blocks ready to sew up...

And making the half square blocks will take place once I make the blocks and everyone wakes up. Hopefully, fingers crossed and errands are few, I can finish this up today or tomorrow and figure out the borders and backing.

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