Friday, June 23, 2017

Fabric Haul - Savvy

So we go from foxes to cats and Asian fabrics.  And Disney Villains.

What's not to like about the Disney bad girls? In purple?

Haven't picked a design for this fabric, so it will probably be a design of my own making. With some fussy cutting to highlight the pictures of the bad girls of Disney.

But I have been grabbing fat quarters and yardage of cats for a bit now. The bottom right fabric was selected by Lady K, by the way. I also have the Cat quilt by Elizabeth Hartman in the works for her.

Managed to pick up a bit of fabric for her. Love the cats with the Oriental vibe going on. And the two prints on the right are to die for. In my to-do pile, is a HUGE art quilt I have the design sketched out and it's in the works, but it is going to need some space to spread it out at some point to accomplish. Hmmm....may have to recruit a quilting friend and some of her studio space where I can lay it out and do some cutting on one day.

So cats and Oriental, with a bit of Paris thrown in.

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  1. Judy, Where did you get that Disney villains fabric? I adore Disney fabrics and don't think I've seen these ones before. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for it. --Andrea


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