Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week In Review - June 11 - 17

A bit overcast first thing this Sunday morning, but the sparrows are hitting on the bird feeder yet again. The babies are flying, so my front yard is like a scene from a horror movie with all the birds waiting to mob it. 

And if I don't buy some more bird feed soon (read today!) then it could get ugly.

But it's the kind of day I will be sewing and knitting and watching YouTube videos. 

Texter has started a YouTube channel and you need to check out her video on our trip to Crystal Park (here - and subscribe to her channel please!)

We bought a Go-Pro camera this past week (splitting the cost between us) and plan on making videos of our trips around Montana this coming year. And she has plans for other videos, like t-ball (where she is coaching Lady K's team) and NaguCon. She has suggested I use it to make knitting and quilting videos, but not sure about that. Will have to ponder on it a bit longer.

It was a BIG week of day trips with the first one going to Missoula to get the GoPro camera on Tuesday after swim lessons (which are going fantastic by the way).

Thursday was a circle around our 'local' Montana area for a quilt shop hop, buying way to much fabric and adding several projects to my list of to-do's.

Friday was the really fun day.

We are all rockhounds in this family. So Texter, Lady K and I loaded up and headed south to Crystal Park to dig for quartz crystals.

Lady K had her tools in hand for the expedition and was ready to go.

Even though the area looked like a giant gopher hangout (as it really, really large gophers!), the area was really nice.  There is a paved walking path around the area you can dig in and evidence a lot of the dead trees are being cleaned up and removed in one area.

Texter has more of our experience in her video. We didn't find anything great, but I could easily spend all day there digging away. Unfortunately, Lady K's attention doesn't last that long and soon we were moving on.

The whole area is OUT OF THIS WORLD beautiful!

Definitely a trip we are planning on retaking, mainly so we can go on a short hike to the Coolidge Ghost Town there. Curvy roads and switchbacks are not for the car-sick prone, but meds before we start and Savvy should be fine.

Otherwise this week...

  • Swim lessons started and Lady K loves them (we were holding on breath on this one)
  • Registered for a Drop Spindle class at the Copper K Fiber Festival in July 
  • Completed the local quilt store shop hop (and hopefully Texter will have a brief video up on that trip soon) and bought wwwaaaayyyyy to much fabric
  • Came up with the design for a Halloween quilt I will be making with some of the ton of fabric I purchased
  • Attended another class at Gulch Distillers - this time on making syrups - and sipping on the best Mojito on Saturday. I took my amaro I had made after the last class for them to sample and they said it was 'complex'. Not sure if 'complex good' or 'complex bad', but they seemed to like what I had come up with.
  • While is Missoula, stopped at Joseph's Coat yarn shop and picked up some additional yarn for a project (sigh)
  • Finished 2 books
  • An evening making peach desserts for Savvy's Diamond Event at work. Must have been good as she made her goal for the the event.
Also, picked up Week 2 blocks for the Almond Country Beauty quilt. 

Because we were so busy driving around I didn't get them completed all the way yet.

The colors we are getting can be divided into blue/green and yellow/orange, which I am doing rather than mixing them all up. Not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm running with it.

I also have the fabric ready for the Batman blocks, I just need to sit down and sew today. I also have the project bags about halfway finished. I need to sew those up, so hopefully today will be a sew-sew day.

The coming week will be a bit more 'stay-at-home'. We have another 4 days of swim lessons and T-ball will be starting. Texter is the coach of Lady K's team as they were needing 3 more coaches in order for T-ball to work this time around. Both of them are excited, but I think Texter is more excited than Lady K.

  • I will be the babysitter this week as there is a bachelorette party and a wedding Texter will be attending. 
  • Starting book 4 in the Robert Jordan series
  • Sewing Week 3 of the Almond Country Beauty blocks
  • Finishing up the Mystery Wrap knitting
  • Organizing the fabric purchased into design/start quilt and holding for future quilts. There might be a post on all the fabric purchased and the plans behind them.
  • Plan a trip in the next couple of weeks to drive the Beartooth Highway
  • A trip to Best Buy to exchange the extra batteries for the GoPro (we bought the wrong one!) and Lady K is demanding a mall trip
  • Recoloring my hair purple!

So for now, more coffee and deciding just how big a bag of bird seed I need!


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