Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week In Review - June 18 - 24

We reached a couple of milestones this week. Lady K graduated from being a "Pike" to an "Eel". Which means she passed her swim lessons! And this from a kid whose hair we can't wash because she doesn't like her face getting wet.

And T-ball started, which is a double huzzah! Texter is the coach. They were short on coaches and she volunteered so they could have enough coaches. It's basically herding kittens with a bat and ball.

Otherwise, while it has been a 'quiet' week - no day trips or anything - we have remained very busy.  The next couple of weeks will be quieter with just T-ball before the next swim class starts, but it will be busy too.

There is this puny little rose bush on the side of the house. And it has the most fragrant roses! I am going to explore taking cuttings of this rose.

And then I managed to raid a friend's peony bush (with her standing there) and came home with an armload of peonies. Enough to make a lush vase for not only me, but for Savvy to take to work.

This is one plant I am going to have to learn how to grow in the southeast and fill the beds with fragrant peonies. Along with old roses.

I had ordered another Hello Fresh box because they were donating to a charity I like. I enjoy the convenience of the boxed dinners, all neatly packaged up, if only they weren't so expensive! 

But this box had a Peppercorn Steak with Creamed Kale, which I thought I would really enjoy the steak.

Steak was ok, but creamed!

And because Savvy was off work and not out playing D&D, we made two of the dinners at the same time and sampled off both. "Her" dinner was pork dumplings with a cabbage slaw.

This recipe will be repeated (they send you an ingredient card). I loved these! Simple and so yummy.

The other 'biggie' for the week was the block for week 3 of the Almond Country Beauty quilt.  I was behind on last week's Batman blocks and got them all caught up.

Let me just say the Batman quilt is going to be BRIGHT! So now I have a bit of time to relax for the next block rolls around.

Otherwise this week...

  • Finished 2 books
  • Have the 6 project bags sewn up. Need to finish up the ties.
  • Won a prize basket from the quilt store hop.
  • Received the rest of the fabric ordered for the Halloween quilt
  • Finished a bit more on the Mystery Wrap and my Vanilla Sock (still not done on either!)
  • Lots of Lady K sitting as Texter had a wedding party and wedding to attend
  • Wrote 8 posts

This coming week...

  • Texter takes the written part of her driver's test. One step closer to driving herself!
  • Monthly "What's New" at The Sewing Palace (focus on t-shirt quilts!)
  • Work on Halloween Quilt
  • Finish up project bags
  • Reorganize orchids (and take some pictures)
  • WRITE!
  • GYM!
  • Finish up the Mystery Wrap
  • Staying 'chill' for the next couple of days with high temperatures!

Well, off for more coffee and to think "Halloween"


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