Thursday, June 29, 2017

Split Personality

These days I feel I am two different people.

One part of me is taking Lady K to swim lessons, T-ball, to the park...

Of course, I get to sit and knit or read while at most of these.

And while she doesn't mind going to practice and games...

Well, what can you say. Interest wanes. (Actually, this is how I feel about baseball in general.)

What is really fun is to watch Texter try and coach a dozen 4 and 5 year olds who would rather just be running amok (and they do!). 

Then my other half is sewing and knitting.

A pile of blocks for my Disney Villains quilt for Savvy. Of which I have no idea what happened when I read the instructions for the quilt and came up with a TON of extra 2.5 x 2.5 squares. I have no idea. I am sure it's me and not the designer's instructions.

And I am staying on top of the blocks for the Almond Country Beauty Quilt.

Today will be spent cutting out the fabrics needed for the Batman Beauty Quilt. It should be fun as points are split on this block and I have to make two. 

Oh, I guess I could be split three ways as cleaning and tidying seem to be a constant with Texter, Lady K and I at home all the time now.

Whatever 'part' of me is functioning currently needs to go get more coffee!

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  1. I love to watch the little ones "practice" their sports. My my boy was that age and played soccer, there seemed to be a lot of little ones sitting or doing their own thing. I look forward to seeing more of your Disney Villains quilt. Thanks to you, I have found some of that fabric and put it on my wish list. You are a stash enabler (is that such a thing?). (smiling) Have a magical day (as they say in the Disney realm)! --Andrea


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