Sunday, June 04, 2017

Week In Review - May 28 - June 3

Boy, what a week it has been!

A trip to a friend's house and meeting all kinds of four legged critters. Lady K enjoyed Pete and Eeyore because they were more her size. But she did get her first horseback ride.

There was the spur of the moment hot air balloon - 

And the planned trip to Yellowstone...

Texter, Lady K and I had been before, almost two years exactly (April 19, 2015) and had made it around as far as Old Faithful. This time we threw Savvy in the car on her day off and made it a LLLOOONNNNGGGG day and the full circle around the park.

Taken by Texter, this is probably one of my favorite pictures of the day. The wind was blowing pretty strong and Savvy was enjoying it blowing back her long sweater. Lady K got into the act. I love the joy and sense of freedom. May they always soar!

I also completed...

  • My list for the Backlist challenge of books to read 
  • Picked up the background fabric for the Almond Country Quilt BOW
  • Finished a throw (more on that later in the week)
  • Got some knitting done (only two weeks behind on my clues for the Joji Mystery Wrap)
  • Finished one book

So for the coming week...

  • Graduation party for the son of a friend
  • Pick up the first week of the Almond Country Quilt
  • Beauty and the Beast out on DVD and we will be snagging our copy
  • First Alive at 5 event
  • Local Quilt Shop Hop starts
  • Big Sky Fiber Festival starts
  • Catching up on the Mystery Wrap knitting

But for now....

More coffee!

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