Monday, July 18, 2011

First Day of School Clothes

Growing up, for the first day of school each year, we always had a new outfit.  That included new shoes.  Now if you are in middle school in the late 60’s and wear a size 10 shoe, there really wasn’t much of a choice.  Saddle oxfords or penny loafers were basically it.  Of course, if was also a time you had to dress up in ‘school clothes’ to go to school.  But as a new school year looms around the corner, thoughts turn once again to back-to-school clothes.

Texter jumped on the bandwagon (and my paycheck) early.  Actually, she has this pair of slouchy, black suede boots which were being held together by prayer alone.   I offered her a replacement for them.  She searched the internet and came up with these as a replacement for her black boots….

batman shoe  Yep, Converse High-top Batman shoe.  Her laces are black and yellow dotted.  No black boots, it’s Batman.  So since she had also just gotten a couple of pair of running shoes and a pair of sandals, she is set for back to school.

Now, I, on the other hand, am leaning toward more traditional footwear.  One time, a long, long ago, I had a pair of Sperry Topsiders.  The “real” Sperry’s and they lasted for ages.

There is the traditional Sperry….. sperry 2  or one with a little different look….

sperry 1  Currently, I’m leaning toward the more traditional one.  And, of course, what is school without a penny loafer?

loafer  I have been through several pairs of these over the years. 

Ok, they are not ‘exciting’ shoes.  They are not ‘fun’ or ‘funky’.  But wear them and in a few weeks they are like an old friend, easing your feet over the miles.  And they hold up being caught out in the rain, tiptoeing through slush, going from jeans to skirts to slacks and back again. 

So I might treat myself to one Sperry and one Bass.  I haven’t had some good shoes in ages.  This might be the year of the shoes!

PS….I never had a pair of saddle oxfords.  With big feet at 12, the last thing you needed was big shoes on them!



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  1. wow you certainly have the down low on shoes . Really good post . Good luck texter in the new school year and you as well .


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