Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hypocritical Snob on Her Artist Date

Those who have read any of Julia Cameron’s books will recognize the term “Artist Date”.  This is a date with yourself to play, recharge your creativity, have fun.  And that it what I did yesterday.  I will post more about that later. 

However, I treated myself to a couple of items.  The first is paper tape.  Sometimes it is called Japanese Wasabi Tape.  Regardless, it is a patterned tape and used in scrapbooking and art journaling.  I have wanted some for myself and took myself to Archiver’s in Raleigh.  I have never been there and it is essentially right around the corner from me now.  And that is where I discovered I am really a hypocritical snob.

The store is lovely.  However, it is the home to ‘scrapbookers’ and I have this thing about scrapbooking.  Ok, I’m a snob, even having done a couple of journal scrapbooks myself.  I just do.  I think it is because they are too cutsie for me.  In fact, Archiver’s tag line is “The Photo Memory Store”.

Now this store is the other end of the spectrum from Askew-Taylor near downtown Raleigh.

askew taylor  Askew-Taylor is in a what feels like an old house (and is right next door to this killer cupcake bakery).  However, when you go into their store, leave your purse behind.  The aisles are just wide enough for one person to squeeze through and you better not be carrying too many extra pounds.  Things are stacked practically to the ceiling.  It is organized by art supply types, but the rest of the time you are poking and peering and exploring.  Whether you are pen and ink, watercolors, book binding, print making, sketchbook searching, they have it in there somewhere.  The staff can reach in and lay their hands on anything you need, like magicians.   In my opinion, the perfect store for artists of all kinds.

On the other hand, Archiver’s is organized by category….papers – divided into themes, stamps, punches….all neatly categorized.  And the staff is so helpful and nice.  You can enter the store and go right to what you need without having to look for it.  There is a lot of things I can use for art journaling and creating in general.  There are stamps, inks, patterned papers I fondled and fingered.  However, I only walked out with some 7 Gypsies paper tape and a couple of Uni-ball white gel pens.

paper tape  Their uses will be discussed later.

Which store will I be going back to?  Well, with my Art Materials and Methods class and a Basic Drawing class this semester, Askew-Taylor is the hands-up winner.  Of course, I will have to wander around Jerry’s Artrama too.  They are a half-way point between Archiver’s and Askew-Taylor.  Neat, organized, knowledgeable staff, but definitely an ‘artist’ store.  And, keep your fingers crossed, I might be taking some classes through them in November.

A.C. Moore and Michael’s?  They are ok.  And if you know exactly what you need and have your 50% off coupons, they are acceptable.  But honestly, I don’t think 90% of their staff knows are darn thing about anything in the store.  I’ve given more advise to customers while I was in there.  They are my last-minute, need something and they are literally right around the corner store.  They are not my give me a gift certificate, shopping experience store.

So, yes, I am a snob.  And a hypocritical one at that.  So while my nose will be in the air when I walk into Archiver’s, I hope I don’t hurt myself walking around and shopping there.  I’ll probably get a crick in my neck.


  1. Im right there with you with the crick in my neck .LOL !!!

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I feel the same way about scrapbooking although I started out more that way . . .



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