Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hot Little Deceptive Peppers


Ok, I know enough to not chop up hot peppers and rub my eyes or my nose or mouth.  Otherwise, we get that ‘burning’ feeling.  This is my first year of growing ‘Fiesta Bell Peppers’.

Now the description I read on them was this:   Peppers are mildly hot and turn from green to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. This variety is milder than the Mexibell. Excellent fresh or stuffed

Please note the terms ‘mildly hot’ and ‘milder than’.  Nope, they aren’t mildly hot….they are frigging hot!  Of course, I forgot they were hot bell peppers and scratched my nose and regretted it for about an hour.

R0014328  These are between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball.  Will probably make some salsa out of them….once I get over the shock of them being as ‘spicy’ as they are.

So to sooth my palate, I sliced up some Black Prince tomatoes, added a little basil and drizzled with a little Italian dressing.

R0014329  Now I just need to stock up on some good mozzarella cheese and olive oil for the summer.  PS…..Amani (the dog) likes them too….as she leaned up onto the counter and ate 1/2 a plate of them!   And the basil too!



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  1. Oh wow sorry about the heat expierience but love the looks of the black prince tomatoes with the nice basil on them . wow yeah my recomendation is go to a cheese store if you have one to get the mozarella always best from a cheese place . we have one here cause we have a local dairy . Olive oil is awesome along with tomatoes and the fresh mozarella . Ooooh la lah !!! great pic and post .


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