Monday, July 11, 2011

The Tour Crashes, I Splashes

Well, the Tour is getting a bit too dangerous for my liking.  I like the thrill of man and bike against 199 other men and bikes, but this year’s Tour has had more than it’s share of crashes and they have been a more severe than usual.  Broken collarbones seem like just a boo-boo now compared to the broken pelvis and getting knocked off your bike at 30 miles an hour and sliding down the road and tossing another rider into a barbed wire fence.  Luckily, today is rest day, so maybe every one can rest up and stop playing bumper cars when the race starts again Tuesday.


feb 24  So I got out the watercolors and started splashing some color around.  Tangles are run, but feeling a need for something a little different – adding a little color seemed the way to go.  I splashed on some colors and then drew over the colors once dry.  A sunflower-type flower in honor of the Tour.

But this is my favorite.  Not only is it purple, but I am really pleased with how it turned out.

feb 25  The bottom left flower is the first one I drew and it’s petals are more rounded.  I like the feel and look of the more squared off petals on my purple flowers. 

Since the temperatures are suppose to start hitting triple digits again, I think some indoor ‘gardening’ is called for.

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  1. WoW! Do you know that you're wonder woman? Love the watercolors and am amazed at your physical endurance. You go girl!


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