Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week In Review July 16-23

I wonder why I feel tired, mentally and physically.  I had decided to start reviewing what I have accomplished and what has gone on during my week as I prepare for the week ahead.  Part of the Virgo in me, I’m sure.

sc jul23  This was yesterday’s sketchbook challenge drawing.  I mean ‘zen’ in the “watch my breathing/chill-out” way, not that I need to zentangle.  But that helps too.

So my week went like this…..

- Texter in to have her wisdom teeth possibly removed.  Too bad for the dentist, so next week is an oral surgeon consultation.  They put her on vicodin and antibiotics.  Result, this is not a good combination for her.  So a trip to emergency room for extreme nausea and a different set of drugs for pay and swelling.

- 3 Sketchbook Challenge pictures

- Made dividers for a project I’m working on.  Several pages of writing out guides for that project.

- 3 Blog postings

- 41.3 work week (46 scheduled for next week)

- Watched several hours of Tour de France on TV after I got home from work to unwind.

- 200 pages into a 1024 page book

So my project for my only day off today is actually something a little relaxing – watch the last day of the Tour de France live and scan in pictures from old photo albums, saving what is worth it and tossing the albums.  They are from the 70’s and 80’s and the only time I’ve looked at them is to regret the space they occupy and to move them.  So time to say bye to them.


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  1. Wow about the Texter tell her I hope she feels better . I had a dentist give me some pills that were tiny and red and boy they made me so sick I do believe I headed to the er myself . I hope she feels better soon and eww to your week . I hope the both of you feel much better very soon .


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