Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lumping Them All Together

Last month, a couple of people I follow on YouTube had a One-Book-July challenge where you narrow down your calendar/journals to just one.  Well, I found out about this about mid-month, so I decided to start in August with this challenge.  I currently have an ARC calendar and my journal, so I found a journal on sale and am creating my own calendar/journal in one for August.  It's only the 4th and I am having mixed feelings about it.

On one hand I am enjoying the flexibility and the creativity of making my own calendar for the week.  I have also done some collages in the journal.

But I am missing having the ability to go to 'the future' and write in 'stuff'.  So will have to see about some adjustments if I continue with one-book-monthly.  But I do like the ease of just having one thing to tote around.

Then, if that wasn't enough, I came across this August Dare on Gimme Some Oven - Planning out your day the night before.  Now this really appeals to the Virgo in me.  As I sit here this morning with severe heartburn from the night before, one of my 'plans' is to eat early and not wait for CJ to get home.  I can't eat late and go to bed and then feel like I'm dying all night.  No more late eating for me!

Anyway, I printed out the Storyline forms (and descriptions) and started on my planning.  It helps me to have some focus or a path to follow.  Otherwise, I find myself at the computer playing stupid Facebook games rather than accomplishing anything!  Although last night I played a BINGO game as part of a Jamberry Party going on online and won a mini-pedi kit, so Facebook isn't totally bad.

And since I dragged CS into the 'planning' and we are working on getting 'organized' together, I have to be more focused.  Oh, wait, I'm moving in a week!  Organized....pfffff.  At this point in time my pre-move activities is involving the plan to throw things in a box, carry it over, unpack it and repeat.  

I obviously have some work to do.

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