Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week In Review August 16 - 22

This week has been exhausting and while you are reading this on Sunday, I will be loading up all the BIG furniture with a bit of help to move to the house.  Texter and I have painted and painted and painted all week.  Unfortunately, while we have good air flow through the house, smoke from the numerous forest fires in several states, has kept Helena in a fog. But another plus, is I got to walk to work three out of four days.  Texter and Lady K met me for the walk home a couple of days.

The main living room/library area (as I am calling where my computer/sewing table and books will be) were painted a nice sage green with a cream border.  I carried those colors into my room which is off to the left of the picture above.  Savvy's room got two shades of purple and a green.  It is PURPLE.  Texter's room is a couple shades of blue and grey trim.  The bathroom between my room and Texter's will be the cream of the trim in the living room and a blue for the huge vanity/countertop and shelving.  We just have the kitchen to do and that will have to wait until I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks.

On other matters:
  • Walked 64,948 steps or 29.24 miles
  • Vitamins 3 days
  • Read 1 book
  • Help lead the Nonfiction Book Group at the library
  • Painted and baby sat while other rooms were being painted
  • Wrote 3 posts
  • Got my book for the Farmer's Daughter 1930 QAL
  • Scheduled dates for write-ins for NANOWRIMO in November
I am exhausted.  And there is still work to be done, but it is coming to and end (I think).  

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