Monday, August 17, 2015

Week in Review - August 9 - 15 (No Mandala Monday!)

Since I am sitting on the floor in front of my computer, you can probably guess why I am day late in posting my week in review.  Yesterday I was so focused on getting the walls of the living room/library area painted I completely forgot.  But the picture above tells you what we have been doing - MOVING!

Savvy and CJ signed the papers on Thursday and we started with the painting and moving things over bit by bit.  Christine and her son, B, helped us get the mattresses over the first night so we could sleep here.  Despite not having 'things' at the new house, it was a relief to get out of the cramped and cluttered apartment and let the dogs run in the yard and have some play room too.

The dogs aren't the only ones enjoying the new yard.  In watering to try and revive the lawn (I need to rake), Lady K is enjoying the yard too.

Right now I am so sore and my waist feels like I have done 1000 sit ups.  I wish I had a count on the number of times over the past couple of days I have climbed up and down off the chair, painting and taping walls.  Right now we just have the trim left on the main room, Savvy's PURPLE room is almost complete, just the paint on the shelves.  CJ is waiting on his room while he puts up his desk and stuff.  Getting his computer up and running in his 'man cave' of a room was more important than painting.  Texter's BLUE room is almost done.  Just trim work done.  My room is suppose to be hammered out today before I go to work.  Hopefully, we can 'borrow' Christine and B again to move over the entertainment center and couch for the living room in the next couple of days. But in the meantime...
  • signed up for a QAL starting in September. It's my birthday and I want to start something new for the new house.
  • bought two tables at a yard sale I'll pick up on Thursday.  I will be using them in the main room as my computer desk/sewing tables.  They will look way better than a desk in the room, plus they will give me more room than the little student desk I have.
  • vitamins - well, at least I now know where they are.
  • finished 1 book, abandoned another and in the middle of a really good one
  • steps walked....right now I am too tired to get up and find a pen and paper to total them up.  All I know is that I hit 10,000 2 days last week and am beating Christine in steps - finally.
Unfortunately, now of us could take off work to accomplish the move in one fell swoop.  So we are going over and packing up a few things at a time and moving them over in my car.  I am washing clothes between trips and painting.  New appliances should be here in the next week or so.  My goal is to get everything over here by the start of next week so I can go clean the old apartment up before the end of the month.  Maybe, if I count pennies well enough, I can just hire someone to go clean!

In the meantime...

Actually this has been relocated to the front entryway closet and my kitchen is about 1/3 moved over. The important things, like my coffee pot, the sugar and milk and mug and spoon were in the first load.  I know I will wind up rearranging where a lot of the things go once I can get a 'flow' in the kitchen under my belt.

So off for another cup of coffee and more painting before work today.


  1. Phew! Lots of work...and happiness! Congrats to you all!


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