Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aches, and Pains, and Bruises...Oh, My!

Yesterday was the first day in class for Texter.  On one hand, she is glad it's all one day and not multiple days.  On the other hand, she is there from about 9am to 6pm.  That means Lady K and I have all day together.  We ran errands and put together two big bookcases at home.  She hung with it the best she could, but then while waiting to pick up mommy, she gave up the fight.

However, I still have several boxes and an apartment cleaning to accomplish.  But at least I have most of the new place 'done'.  But I am looking forward to not have to 'move' anything or put anything away.  I want to get back to knitting, crocheting, sewing and reading.  And waking up without feeling someone ran a dump truck over me in the middle of the night!

One thing I did discover while purchasing my new bookcases is they are no longer in 70's apartment black or white.  I got the 'dark' wood and they match very closely to the entertainment center in the main room.  Score!  Now to fill them up with books from the pile in the basement.

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