Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mandala Monday on Tuesday

The pile of newspaper the china was wrapped in was quite intriguing.  So I did a 'quickie' with it.  Today (Tuesday) is my day off and will be spent, after 3 days of painting, at the old apartment, packing and running back loads of 'stuff' and dumping them in the basement until we can get the furniture over to the house, hopefully this weekend.  Texter starts school one week from today, so there is much to do so we don't have to worry about moving things while she is trying to study.

I have a week of vacation coming up which I hope fill be spent (1) cutting out and playing with the QAL for the 1930 Farmer's Wife Quilt group and (2) painting the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  In the meantime, there is beauty in trash.

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