Saturday, August 01, 2015

Textile Exhibit Highlights How All Things Temporary

So it starts like this.  I am looking for the name of an artist Savvy and I saw last year at a gallery here in town.  The 1+1=1 Gallery is delightful and is on my route between the library and Starbucks, so I am always at least sticking my head in to see what is going on.  But I happened to step in (total body rather than window shopping) and this is what greeted my eyes.

Note:  the rabbit sculpture in the mirror is covered with hundreds of tiny faces and created by Susan Mattson.  Coveting her work.  Don't know if I want a rabbit or fox.

Textiles!  Dozens of woven pieces and shibori.  

The artist is Carol Wilbur, who unfortunately passed away this past April.  This is her last show and all the pieces are already sold (or I would be begging on the corner for pennies).  I talked to Susan Mattson, another artist who was watching the gallery on Friday, and learned the story behind the exhibit and it really hit a note based on my current experiences.  Carol, it seems, had just lost someone in her life and was taking a walk when a leaf fell to the ground in front of her.  She thought about how that leaf will die and be absorbed back into the biosphere, never leaving a mark of it's passing.  Thus this collection was born.  The fabric/scarves, which are created using a shibori method, are dyed using natural plant dyes

This whole collection hit me on several levels.  One, I have recently lost someone with whom I have a long history with and will leave a hole.  Secondly, I have a couple of friends who dye with natural dyes, mainly wool, but also fabrics, and sometimes use a shibori-style method. Walking into this exhibit was like walking through the woods.

Having tried my hand at weaving decades ago, I know how hard it is.  I have managed to stay away from dying my own wools and fabric, but this exhibit makes me want to give it a try.  I love this exhibit and hate it the artist is no longer with us to continue to give to the world these lovely pieces.  But at least she has left her mark on the world and won't be forgotten. 


  1. OhhhhhhAhhhhhh! What a wonderful exhibit! Helena is quite to artful town!

  2. Oh, those pieces are spectacular! The colors are amazing!


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