Friday, January 15, 2016

A Quiet Moment With Some Digital Art

Lady K seems to be adjusting to and enjoying 'school'.  Problem these days is bedtime.  And she wants me to lay down with her and go to sleep at the same time.  So last night I did the adult thing, stomped my foot, and said "I'm an adult and I don't have to go to bed at 7 in the evening."  Nope, didn't impress her either.

But I stood strong, she finally nodded off on her on and Texter went to bed.  So I had an hour or so of some uninterrupted time at the computer.

It was a combination of two things.  First, my friend Maureen was posting nature photos on Facebook as part of a challenge.  Well, goodness knows I have enough of those.  Then Kat Sloma from Kat Eye Studio had a post on making mandala coloring pages from your own photographs.  Which was what I sat down to do.

However, this is what emerged...

Yep, I'm pretty jazzed with what came from this exercise.  I found myself playing with blending modes to get the look I wanted and love how it turned out.  And yes, this is from part of the picture above.  What I really like is how this 'winged figure' emerged in the "U" of the branches.

Then I used a bit more 'stuff' on it and came up with this.

Not sure which one I like the best.  The top one is more airy and other-worldly in my opinion, but I really like them both .  Once again, I need to find somewhere I can get these printed out so I can hang them.

But another one I tinkered with reminds me of a possible quilt, which is interesting.  You see, I had come up with the thought I might take my mandalas and use them as the basis for my mini-quilts, recreating them in fabric.  And then I made this...

Right!  I can see all the half-square triangles in this and turning it into a quilt.  Like I need more projects on my list.

So I toddled off to bed very happy last night.  It's been awhile since I have sat down and played with my photographs and Photoshop and was more than pleased with the outcome.  

I really, really need to find a printer!

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