Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Month in Review and February Goals

Was all primed for January and then was struck down by alien illnesses.  It went from being totally in my head to my chest and am finally getting where I even feel like 'doing' something.  I will probably drop in on a friend's new studio and try and get my creative mojo juices flowing again as I have too much I want to do and not enough time.

But for January, despite everything, it hasn't been too bad on the reaching my goals I set.

  • Outline Seedcrone-Book 1- nope, failed
  • Do my "Bee Hive" swap block and mail off and eagerly awaiting February's posting
  • Send out postcards for Postcrossing - nope
  • Finish up the top for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt well, sort of, almost finished
  • Cut out and stitch up muslin 'draft' of Texter's Harley Quinn cosplay outfit did it and now I need to get all the little supplies to work on the real deal (this coming week)
  • Find a similar pattern for Lady K so they can have matching outfits actually know which one, since Texter is Harley Quinn, will be making Batgirl for Lady K
  • Get my list of outstanding sewing, knitting, and crocheting projects updated did it and added to it
  • Finish thick, purple socks did and love them!  started another pair of purple socks (different pattern)
  • No drive-thru eating - failed
  • Plan menus did and slowly seeing cost of food for the house drop as well as my stress level over "what's for dinner?"
  • Sign up for and mail off the Chaotic Goddess "Book and Cuppa" swap did and mine was delayed getting out due to illness
  • Get the carpet and padding off the porch and to the dump - failed, may have to hire a teenager to do it for me
  • Read one book off my home shelf - didn't happen
Overall, I am pleased with my progress for January, despite being sick for most of it.  Which has refocused my sights on being healthier - as soon as I get better!

For for February - 

  • Work on Seedcrone!  
  • Schedule a writing meet up
  • Do my Bee Hive swap block and get it mailed out on time
  • Finish up the Bonnie Hunter quilt and decide on my next quilt project
  • Order yarn for Knit, Swirl pattern
  • Start working on Harley Quinn outfit
  • Finish purple socks
  • No drive thru eating
  • Continue with menu planning
  • Sign up for next Chaotic Goddess swap
  • Read one book on home shelf
  • Send off my postcard to have printed for Liberate Your Art postcard swap
  • Make some pin cushions
  • Start buying one new towel and one plant a month (don't ask)
  • Check out Old Navy for more dresses
  • Get design board reworked and hung up
  • Check on the status of my Dr. Who scarf and see what yarns I need to buy to complete

Texter and I have a couple of outings in February we want to do.  Museum of the Rockies is on the top of the list.  And we have a BIG outing in March - The Princess Tea - with Lady K in a tiara! 

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