Sunday, January 03, 2016

Week In Review - December 27 - January 2, 2016

The holidays are over (sigh of relief) and next week will signal the start of a new school year for Texter and Lady K heading to daycare (huzzah!).  AND, hopefully, a settled routine for ME!  For some, I know, it sounds boring, but I function much better with a schedule, routine, plans and goals.  Don't get me wrong, I can drop everything for an 'adventure', but my day-to-day works much better this way.  

With Lady K in daycare two half days and three full days each week, not only with Texter have time to study and go to school, but I (after running taxi service and work) will have time to concentrate on things I want to do without interruption of little hands.  My list keeps growing of projects I want do work on and I can't wait. As you can see from above, I have managed to get in a little stitching over the holidays.  Did a couple more blocks from the 1930's Farmer's Wife QAL.  Still wwwaaaayyyyy behind.  

The past week included:
  • Getting my planner set up for the first four months of 2016
  • Six posts written
  • Word count for January 1 and 2 - 1155 (that's what I hope to write daily now)
  • Steps - only 79% percent of goal...55,050 steps or 25.18 miles
  • Books read - 2
  • Menus made for the week and grocery shopping done
Other things -
  • Tried Murray's for the first time.  I know, I should have tried it sooner, especially since I walk by it all the time, but I haven't.  So I did.  Can't wait to go back and try other items.  I had the Belgian Waffles for lunch on Saturday.
  • Picked up my piece of art I bought for myself for Christmas.  It's a sculpture by Trudy Skari.

I have named him Henry Marcus.  Please note the ears.  The LLLOOONNNGGG ears.  The ears I was warned about when I picked him up.  He was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, with extra wrap for his ears.  I had brought a bag to put him in to carry him home.  I have a place in my bedroom, on the dresser, where he is in the corner and can't be hit. This, after all, is my first REAL piece of artwork I have purchased (not counting Savvy's gift).

I had walked to the gallery and it was a whopping 10 degrees outside maybe.  When I got him home, and Texter was carefully helping me wrap him, as I put him on the table to start cutting the bubble wrap away, I heard "tink".  As the wrapping came way, so do half his left ear.  


We didn't have any super glue, which I have now found out is a good thing.  I had messaged Maureen at 1+1=1 Gallery to tell her, despite her warnings, an ear bit the dust, so to speak.  She sad 'no super glue' and her talented, woodworking hubby, Tim, could repair him for me.  So, Henry will be bundled back up and carried back downtown for an ear job.  Maybe Tim can do a little kintsugi on his ear.  I think Henry would like a bit of gold in his ear.

For the coming week - 
  • Lady K to daycare!
  • Bookstore with Texter for this semester's books
  • Sign up for the Book and Cuppa Swap with Chaotic Goddess
  • Finish up the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt 2015
  • Make my block for the Bee Hive swap
  • Make my block for the Rainbow Scrappy QAL
  • Start on Texter's Harley Quinn outfit (cutting out in muslin first)
  • Seeing Star Wars with Texter on Tuesday
  • Getting Seedcrone underway (again)
  • Yoga after dropping Lady K at daycare and I'm back home (3 mornings)
Off to finish up a couple of things on the computer and back to the sewing machine.  Downton Abbey's final season starts tonight, so some knitting this evening!

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