Friday, January 01, 2016

MORE - Word for 2016

I know.  I debated and debated over selecting MORE as my word, but it was the only word which popped into my head. Let me explain a bit what it means to me.

MORE is not about 'stuff', it's about the intangibles.  More experiences, more enjoyment, more time for myself and the things I want to do, more financial peace.  A MORE BETTER life in 2016 (ok, grammar police, give me a break there!)

To that end, I have been working on my goals for 2016 and here is what I have come up with as of this morning...

  • Passports for everyone (we are too close to Canada not to have them)
  • Cosplay costumes for everyone (it's a family thing)
  • Advent Christmas 2016 (start collecting little gifts now)
  • Getting stuff out of storage in North Carolina and getting it to Montana now that we have room for it
  • Plan menus, post them, and shop from them
  • More hikes in 2016
  • Trip to Glacier
  • Return for longer time to Yellowstone
  • Trip to Seattle
  • Do the Montana Quilt Shop Hop this summer to explore areas I haven't been before
  • Save for getting things out of storage
  • 365 Savings Challenge
  • Weekly Savings Challenge
  • Watch spending and plan out purchases better
  • Plan menus and shop from them
Writing and Reading
  • Finish Book 1 rough draft of Seedcrone series
  • 150 books read/listened to
  • Lead NaNoWriMo Again
  • Monthly writing meet up with fellow writers
  • Work on book with MB
  • One book a month off my bookshelf
  • Do Postcrossing monthly
  • 10,000 steps a day
  • Vitamins daily
  • Drop 20 pounds (or be under 200)
  • Plan menus weekly
  • Eat breakfast!
  • Train for 5K in June
  • Hydrate daily!
  • More fruits and veggies daily
  • Kayaking!
  • Take quilting classes to hone my skills
  • Cosplay costumes
  • Finish up the Bonnie Hunter 2015 Mystery Quilt
  • Have my current quilt tops finished by myself or a professional and use them
  • Christmas Tree skirt
  • 1930's Farmer's Wife quilt top finished
  • Do the Montana Quilt Shop Hop this summer
  • Work on a knitting/crochet project and get things out of stash
  • One yard of fabric on payday to build stash
  • Make mini-quilts
  • String piece a quilt
  • Do the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge
  • Do the UFO Busting Challenge
  • Start collecting fabric for a Kaffe quilt, a cat quilt and an I Spy quilt
  • Go for more walks in the woods
  • Work with my tarot/oracle cards more
  • Read more on Wicca and Buddhism  
  • One new towel a month (we use so many towels and they disappear!)
  • One plant a month 
  • Set up recycling bins in basement
  • Learn to use Twitter and Instagram better

Yes, there are some things which overlap and are in two or more areas.  And it is a lengthy list, but I think it is pretty specific for the most part.  Being more specific and breaking goals down into 'parts' or 'steps' helps me tremendously.  For example, on the Cosplay costumes, this coming week I have down to cut out Texter's costume in muslin and fit it before I start using 'real' fabric.  I also have down to look for a similar pattern for Lady K, so they can have matching outfits.  By setting out steps, I can do it!

So here's to MORE in 2016!!

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