Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cat Toys, Design Board and Mystery Quilt

The first almost-three-weeks of the year have been really productive for me.  Part of it I am attributing to setting goals and focusing on specific projects rather than going all over the place.

I am loving the view from my desk these days.  My design board is full and things are progressing along nicely.  While my 'points' on my blocks could use some work still, that's what practice does, make it more perfect.

The Harley cosplay outfit is at the stage where I need some more 'supplies' to start the next step, but that's scheduled for February.  Right now I am concentrating on Allietare, the Mystery Quilt, and trying to get it put together.  I still need border fabric and backing, but at least the top will be almost finished.  

I was a little concerned about how it would look once it started going together and I am pleased.  Even Texter liked the colors.  Downside....it's going to be a queen size!  Huge once the borders are on.  But I am putting up the blocks on the board as I sew along to be sure I get the pieces and parts all turned the correct direction and I have the correct block in the proper place.  Hopefully, by next weekend, Allietare will be finished and put away, awaiting the rest of it's fabric and then onto the playing catch up with the 1930's Farmer's Wife QAL.

The only problem with my sewing area is Sherlock, the cat, seems to feel certain items are actually cat toys.

Some of my precious Clover clips have been carried off.  I wouldn't mind so much, but they aren't cheap.  Bobbins are another favorite, followed by spools of thread.  It also seems 2 a.m. is the desired time for play and on the hardwood floor right outside my bedroom.  When I remember, I have taken to throwing a sheet over the table to keep him out of the 'toy box'.

When not sewing on Allietare, I have been knitting along nicely.  I might actually have a pair of socks soon!

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  1. Sounds like Sherlock, and my cat Honey Badger would get along great. Thanks to HB, I've had to invest in a magnetic pin dish with a lid, a small container with a lid to hold bobbins not in use, a thread box, with a lid, and clover clips (which to be honest, I love- but I do like knowing I won't have to haul him to the vet to have a straight pin removed from his belly if he's busy hauling the clover clips around the house instead). Any bobbins or thread spools left laying around are totally fair game in his mind.


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