Tuesday, May 03, 2016

April Review and May Goals

I love the pink and green play of this picture.  And it reminds me of my peony quilt, which still needs me to find some flannel backing for it.  One day...

Anyway, my goals for April were as follows -

  • Send of sample of novel for Miscon Critique did
  • See if any rooms still left for Miscon or if we are 'commuting' again (affordably is a big factor too) did, and we only have the first night right now, so one less round trip to drive
  • Start planting at my community garden spot - not yet
  • Lead a book discussion for the library at the Historical Society did and had a great time with the 4 people there
  • Catch up on the RSC16 and Modern HST samplers RSC16, yes, HST, no
  • Get my April Bee Hive square out on time did
  • Finish sewing on Harley Quinn cosplay - started but not finished
  • Start a cosplay for myself for Miscon - not happening
  • Meet my walking goal each week - hahahaha
  • Work 'with' my planner - getting back in the groove with a simplified planner layout for May
  • Writing for Camp NaNoWriMo - giggle
  • Set up family tree folders - nope
  • Gather 'orphan' blocks into one box - nope
  • Help out at Tizer more days - went 2 days
  • Celebrate CJ's birthday - got him a present (which I haven't had a chance to look through yet), but he's pretty low key with celebrations 

    For May, I simplifed my planner, which ran out in April.  And, hopefully, we have all turned the corner with illnesses.  While I actually completed more than I thought I had (once again), I really want to 'pump up' my output.

    My May goals are focused around Miscon 30 at the end of the month and the garden, so here they are:

    • Harley Quinn costume done (hopefully by the end of the 1st week)
    • Bee Hive swap block done and mailed
    • HST/RSC16 blocks done 
    • Attend Miscon writing workshops
    • One item of clothing made
    • Gardens planted
    • Use planner more 
    • Write!
    • Get my walking in daily
    • Finish reading the book and write up review for a book blog hop

    The undone items from April are getting rolled over to June, since Miscon is my focus this month.  I can't wait until the end of the month - Robin Hobb, Jim Butcher, J. A. Pitts, Patrick Rothfuss, to name a few authors, will be there.  Not to pick out the books to have them autograph that weekend!

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