Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Score! and PlannerCon?

Ok, Texter and I will proudly admit we have a 'stationary' problem.  Turn us loose in an office supply store and we go crazy.  A new planner?  We are rolling around in ecstasy.  Pens - forget jewelry, give us multiple colors!  So when I walked into Staples the other day and found this on sale for $5, I was thrilled.

A big, thick notebook of three different styles of paper separated by dividers.  Approximately, 5.5 X 8 inches, it's chunky goodness.

Then the next consideration was how it would handle some of the markers, pens and such which would be used in the book.

I have to say, the Bic Cristal (ok, so I originally spelled it wrong) is my go-to, inexpensive writing instrument.  While I have some other colors, black and blue are my go-to colors.  And by 'ink pen', I mean a fountain pen. 


PlannerCon 2017!

Yes, a convention devoted to all things planner....planners, stickers, pens, pencils.  Ok, it's like office supply porn on steroids!  And Texter and I want to go.  Really, really bad.  As in I have already scoped out the drive.  So we will see how things go and how much school she can miss that semester.

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  1. Planner Con? That sounds AMAZING!


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