Thursday, May 05, 2016

Big Stitch 2 - All the Way from Ireland!

I signed up for the Big Stitch swap way back in February.  And I made my star mini-quilt and sent it off on it's way to Australia at the appropriate time

Then yesterday, I walked home from work and could see something sticking out of the mail box several houses away.  Unfortunately, I had to run a couple of errands with Savvy and Texter, one of which was to pick up Lady K on her last day of 'school' until August.

But when I got home, I ripped into the package.

It was from Annette in Ireland!

A cushy package, all wrapped in orange with wonderful purple ribbon (which will be repurposed into bookmarks for my journal, I'm sure).

Inside of the package was this...

A lovely tote with a caterpillar on the front.  Actually, I am considering him a 'bookworm' and will be using him to carry my library books in (just a few of them at a time, they wouldn't all fit).  

Little hexies for the body and embroidered legs and branch.  And she has only been sewing for a couple of years she says!  Great work.

Nestled inside my tote were three smaller packages.

More purple ribbon and green tissue paper, all of which will be repurposed.

A wonderful little pin cushion, a butterfly pin out of wool, a fat quarter of rooster fabric and a lovely card.  

The pin cushion is on my sewing table already, the fabric I will hold out and ponder for a bit and the butterfly will go on my lanyard for the library.  I need to show him off on a regular basis.

This was a great swap and I am loving my gifts.  Thank you Annette in Ireland!

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  1. Helena thanks so much for the lovely write up about my swap and the pictures. Love your mini quilt the fabric is great. You have such great choice of fabric,we have very few quilt shops here I have to buy most of my fabric on line from USA. Love the idea of the bookworm ha. I'm delighted you liked everything
    Cheers Annette


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