Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May is Over and Onto June!

Here it is the last day of May.  Five months into the year.  And I'm feeling a bit down.  Like I haven't done all the things I wanted to have accomplished by this time of the year.  Part of the problem of having high expectations, I guess.  Part of me knows (and friends tell me all the time), I am getting things done.  But that Virgo part of me cries out 'MORE'.


Whining aside...

My May goals were as follows:

  • Harley Quinn costume done (hopefully by the end of the 1st week) - not completed.  not needed until July
  • Bee Hive swap block done and mailed - completed and in the mail on time - barely
  • HST/RSC16 blocks done - nope, month behind now
  • Attend Miscon writing workshops - many workshops and could have attended more
  • One item of clothing made - nope
  • Gardens planted - yep.  Actually, I still have one bed at the community garden which will be receiving beans, tomatoes and peppers this week
  • Use planner more - not only using it more, but a planner workshop on the books for September at the library
  • Write! - not really
  • Get my walking in daily - ha, ha, ha!
  • Finish reading the book and write up review for a book blog hop - I did it and was not a happy experience.

This is one of the beds at the house.  Lettuce and radishes (which I don't eat) are coming out for salads.  The broccoli I am really disappointed in.  They look great, but I think over fertilized.  They are all leaves.  So they might come out this week and then tomatoes go in the bed in their place.  All my tomatoes are tiny due to the 60 degree weather, but suppose to hit this 80's by this weekend.  Hopefully they will catch up and produce something.

For June, my goals are this:

  • Walk more.  Not getting my 10,000 steps in daily and my body can tell it
  • Write more.  Need to get that pencil to the paper.
  • Finish Harley Quinn costume
  • Sew one item of clothing
  • Get Bee Hive block out on time
  • Do May and June's RSC16 blocks and color wedges
  • Keep up with garden
  • Knit 4 more welts on my Knit and Swirl sweater
  • Go on two Helena Hiker hikes
  • Get out in the kayak (finally)

There are a couple of new additions in the house.  This is one.  Ink.  Rescue cat, saved by a friend of Texter's from a dog fight and dropped off at our house on their way to take their dog, who was injured in the fight, to the vet.  The other one is an orange and white tabby.


Gearing up for a great June and getting things done, so I can start off the second half of the year with a bang.

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