Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Baby

My baby, who now has a baby of her own, turns 23 today!

Yep, Texter is now 23.  I vividly remember her birth because being the Taurus she is, she decided 9 centimeters was close enough to 10 and wanted out.  This is while the doctor and nurse were about ready to punch each other out.

I won't say it has been a smooth road to travel with her, but I love the woman she is maturing into.  Every day she surprises me, first, with her increased maturity, secondly with what a wonderful mother she is to Lady K.

Of course, she will be the first one to chime in with my stupid puns.  She loves conventions, people and cosplay and all things nerdy.  She is my 'techie' and sometimes photographer and model.

So the red velvet cake is in the oven for her birthday.  Helena is throwing a Spring Art Walk tonight (I told her it was to really celebrate her birthday) we will be browsing on this Friday the 13th.

Happy Birthday, Caitlan!

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