Thursday, May 26, 2016

Musing Before Memorial Day Weekend

So the house is quiet right now and I have a few minutes before I have to get dressed, do a couple of errands on my way to work (ok, going to the bank, get gas and then Starbucks).  But today is the last day of work for me until next Wednesday and I have a ton of things swirling around in my little pea-brain this morning.

First, while I have a great Memorial Day Weekend planned, none of it is focused on the real reason I have the time off work, unfortunately.  So this is my shout-out and to say thanks for the men and women in the Armed Forces who have done their jobs so I can have this great weekend of fun.  I do appreciate it.  

Secondly, I have tons of ideas and things I want to do with my planner class in September.  I am going to do a mini-workshop with a couple of co-workers in the next month or so to get a feel for it and find out areas I might need to work on.

In the meantime, not only have I set up my bullet journal starting in June to use in the class as a demonstration of modified bullet journaling, but I have at least three more planners/notebooks coming as part of the class.  So exciting.

When I get back from Miscon 30, I have to get a box and start putting all my 'bits and pieces' of planners and notebooks in there so I can gauge exactly what I have to work with for the class.  I have a list of stickers and inserts, pens and markers, I NEED to get for the class.

One this weekend at Miscon I will be looking for, since there are leather workers there, is a faux Midori cover for traveler sized inserts.  I don't have one and would really love to get one.  Besides, what is better than sniffing leather?

But on a non-planner related 'issue', I have this burning desire to make another pair of these...

When I got the pattern, Pam of Pam's Knit and Stitch in Great Falls, told me this was her go-to pattern for socks.  They are knit out of worseted weight yarn, so they are thick and cushy.  Too thick to wear with shoes, but great for walking around the house in.  The pattern is simple and works up quickly.  So my Knit and Swirl may have to move to the side for another pair of socks.  I need a second pair to wear when the first pair are in the wash!

So have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember those who helped us have this holiday weekend.  Be safe and have fun and I'll see you next Tuesday!

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